Glass Spelling / Pronunciation Guide

Ever wondered how those funny-looking glassmaker names are pronounced?

This list has been drawn up by the nice folks on the Glass Messages Board to help you get it right.

How it Looks How it Sounds
Åfors oh-fors
Argy-Rousseau arzhy-rousso
Åseda oh-sayda
Bernsdorf barns dorf
Brockwitz brockwits
Cenedese che ne daise
Chřibská Krib-ska
Daum dome
Ekenäs aikenose
Fenne fan ne (ne like never)
Flygfors flyxfors or flicksfors or fleex fors
Gullaskruf goola skroof
Hadeland hah delond
Holmegaard holl may gord
Iittala eat tallah
Inwald invuld
Lednické Rovné led nitshke rovne
Leerdam layer damn
Lobmeyer lobe mahyer
Loetz luts
Meisenthal misen tul
Mülhaus m[kiss]ee[kiss]l house - the most difficult for transcription: with your lips not as broad as in ee, but forward circle round, as if you would kiss a friend's cheek
Muller Frères mule air frairs or m[kiss]ee[kiss]ller frair (silent 's' at the end) - the [kiss] you apply in Mülhaus - ü also applies here
Nuutajärvi noo-oo ta jair vee
Peill & Pützler pile oond putsler
Portieux porciö (ö sounds like u in burn)
Pukeberg pooka berg
Riedel reedle
Riihimäki - Riihimäen Lasi O.Y ree mah kee - ree may hen la si oi!
Schneider shni dair
Schwepnitz shvapnits
Škrdlovice shhh! kurd low vitse
Streit strite
Transjö Hytta Tran-sher Hoota
Vallérysthal vullaireestul (long end)
Val St. Lambert vul sayn lambair
Walther vulter
WMF way em eff
Ysart ees art
Zwiesel tsweezel